Welcome to A Whisper of Words! This site will host my fiction as well as other fics from really great authors that I've come across on the web. I hope you guys enjoy reading my works as I have writing them as well as the works of the authors I'll present here.

Just to get it out there from the start, many of the works here will have references to sexuality that some might not agree with. It's fine if that's not your cup of tea, but at least be an adult about it. Kindergarten was over for a lot of us a long time ago. And please spare me with the flaming. I'll ignore it...or maybe get a few laughs out of it. Of course, if you know that you aren't old enough to read this where you live, please don't. I'm not in the mood to be in trouble simply because you can't obey the laws of where you live. And if you're gonna do it anyway by all means don't get caught! I can't help ya!

You may notice that my site is a bit...simple. With my life, I grateful for every bit of simplicity I can get. Besides, it'll load faster if you're like me and can't really afford to upgrade right now. Stuff just cost too freakin' much nowadays! Now on to what you came to this site for, the stories! Please enjoy! ^_^ Oh yeah, if you want to comment on my site just hit me up here.

December 19, 11:00am

Got a new story officially posted in Fairies on Break! As soon as I can get the gist of converting files to .htm from my Google and One drives I'll have more! .

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